Fact of Life: Getting old is not easy

Do you already have white hair? Does your back gets slouchy? Do you feel always irritated and hot-blooded? come to thin of it. It is because you are getting older. The perquisites and disbenefits of becoming old was presented in the article of Jose Maria D. Nolasco entitled Getting Old.

The article was  all about the experiences of a person as they grow old. it talked about the Filipino culture of valuing for elderly . It also discussed about the programs of the government for the senior citizens and disbenefit of less job opportunity for the adults, no matter how skilled or talented they are. I think that the author is addressing the article to the Filipino readers specifically the adults and those who are mature enough and know for themselves that they are affected by the issue.

Upon reading the article, I observed that the author used the thesis statement in leading the readers on what is the content of the article . The thesis statement caught my attention after reading it because it gave me a hint that the article that I will be reading is about the situation of the elderly in the Philippines.

I think the author wrote it based on the current issues here in our country. He presented the perquisites of the elderly such as the incentives and programs offered by the government, which is good. He also presented their disbenefits including the fading of the Filipino culture for elderly and less job opportunities, in which I agree.

I suppose the author would like to address that getting old is not getting  easier. some of us might enjoy it and live in comfort, but some will be in distress. Surely, the article will affect the perception of the adults on what they may encounter as they grow older.

Though the author did not provide options for the solutions in the problem, I would like to suggest that one option for the said situation is to listen to the side of the adults. It will be a big help for them.

All of us would agree that we will all grow old. on our way there, everyone must be guided by some things which will teach us how to live life, receive the right treatment from others, and prepare for our future. I believe that the problems presented in the article must be given attention for the sake of our beloved elderly.


Author: danelletan

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