Lagundi: Best relief for cough

Lagundi (scientific name: Vitex negundo) is a large native shrub that grows in Asia and Southeast Asia such as the Philippines and India and has been traditionally used as herbal medicine and is an important medicinal plant in Ayurvedic and Unani systems of medicine. The extracts from its leaves and roots are mostly considered to provide the most health benefits. The Philippine Department of Health has conducted research and study for Lagundi and has suggested that the lagundi plant has a number of verifiable therapeutic value and health benefits to man.

Lagundi or Vitex negundo has been traditionally used as herbal medicine by Philippine and Indian folks. It;’s main health benefit is to ease respiratory complaints. Lagundi is generally used for the treatment of coughs, asthma symptoms, and other respiratory problems.

Lagundi is also known for its analgesic effect that helps alleviate pain and discomfort. Other traditional health benefits that are derived from the use of Lagundi are as follows:

  • Lagundi is used to prevent and treat worm infestation
  • Lagundi is also used treat skin diseases such as eczema, ring worm, etc.
  • Used to wash wounds to promote healing,
  • Lagundi has an analgesic function to treat rheumatism, muscle pain and inflammation of joints
  • Lagunid is used for anorexia,
  • Used to treat Stomach problems such as colic, spasms and indisgeston,
  • Lagundi has claimed health benefits against high cholesterol.
  • Lagundi is also used as a carminative herb
  • Lagundi is believed to promote good memory and eye sight,
  • Lagundi tea is taken to relieve anxiety and to promote relaxation.

The old folks would burn Vitex negundo leaves ane the smoke is believed to drive away insects, particularly mosquitoes.

– Medical Health Guide


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